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10 reasons why we’re (pretty) sure LAUSD gets it done Monday

LA School Report | January 8, 2016

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It’s time, right?

We’ve known for ages that Ramon Cortines was stepping down as LA Unified superintendent. The process to replace him has been going on for months, and the end appears in sight.

So, here are 10 reasons why we might know the new boss on Monday, when the board is scheduled to meet again. (But don’t hold us to it.)

1) Monday is an odd day for a meeting.

2) The starting time, 4 pm, allows the board to stage a press conference in time for the 5 pm local news.

3) Board president Steve Zimmer needs a break. Imagine his exhaustion, trying to convince such a disparate group — the other 6 board members — to agree on something (anything) of this magnitude.

4) The LA Times has run out of people to speculate about, causing them to drop out of consideration.

5) Any more speculation by the LA Times would eliminate the remaining candidates.

6) David Tokofsky has exhausted his supply of theories as to who it will be.

7) The board needs something else to talk about at the first regular meeting of the new year, which is the following day.

8) The board needs someone to take the heat for continuing problems posed by El Nino storms and the Porter Ranch methane cloud.

9) Cortines is unavailable.

10) We’re tired of writing about it.

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