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Morning Read: Tracking $13 billion (so far) from Prop 30

LA School Report | April 3, 2014

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How California schools spent $13 billion generated by Prop 30
The California State Controller’s Office launched a website Wednesday tracking how money from Prop 30 is being spent by charter schools, school districts and community colleges. The measure was approved in November of 2012 and has since pulled in $13.1 billion for teachers, textbooks and general operations, according to the site. But the new funds hardly outweigh the overall cuts to education funding since the recession. KPCC

Public housing authorities pilot education programs
In an effort to improve literacy rates among children from low-income families, public housing authorities across the state are piloting programs that help parents prepare their children for school and increase their access to books. EdSource

Westside subway survives legal challenge from Beverly Hills
Knocking down one of the last hurdles for Los Angeles’ long-awaited Westside subway extension, a judge ruled late Wednesday that transit officials followed environmental laws when choosing a route that will require tunneling under Beverly Hills High School. LA Times

EpiPen legislation for California schools advances
A bill to increase the prevalence of emergency epinephrine auto-injectors, or EpiPens, in California schools would not have helped Natalie Giorgi, who died from an allergic reaction after biting into a Rice Krispies treat at Camp Sacramento last year. Merced Sun-Star

Kill tenure, cure schools?
Commentary: Without a doubt, California’s poor and minority schoolchildren get more than their share of ineffective, unmotivated and demoralized teachers. But are the state laws governing teacher tenure, dismissal and layoffs now under attack in a Los Angeles court case the real cause of the inequities? And if so, do they violate both the equal protection guarantees and the right-to-education provisions of the California Constitution? LA Times

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