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A Computer Tablet On Every Desk

Hillel Aron | August 10, 2012

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In his annual address to school administrators, Superintendent John Deasy proposed giving every single educator and student a tablet computer within 15 months.

As the Daily News noted over the weekend, Deasy has been lobbying tech companies to donate the tablets.

Deasy’s 40-minute speech also touted some of the districts recent successes, such as cutting disciplinary suspensions from 46,000 to 26,200, opening 130 new schools, and raising Advanced Placement enrollment and test scores.

As have others, Deasy criticized the State Legislature’s failure to pass SB 1530, which would have made it easier to fire teachers for egregious acts such as sexual abuse. “I, for one, pray that our lawmakers summon the courage … to make it easier to fire anyone that abuses a child,” he said, according to the LA Times.

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