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Zimmer: Charters & Fundraising Update

Hillel Aron | October 22, 2012

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On Friday, LAUSD Board Member Steve Zimmer told LA School Report that his charter school oversight proposal would be revised and reintroduced yet again at the next Board meeting on November 13 in a version that is “a better representation of what my overall purpose is.”  As described, the latest version is nonbinding and asks charter operators to delay the beginning of all new charters for 60 days. (Zimmer’s teacher evaluation resolution won’t be reintroduced  because of the negotiations between UTLA and LAUSD, he says.)

On the re-election front, Zimmer explains his minimal fundraising – just over $11,000 so far – as a function of his focus on Proposition 30. “There’s not going to be a district to be a school member of if we don’t get Prop. 30 passed, ” he says. “At the next filing date, there will be a very different number.”

Zimmer says he doesn’t know if he’ll win a UTLA endorsement but wants it known that his recent motions have nothing to do with him trying to get one. “I’ve made decisions based on what’s best for children and their families, not on any constituency group. The fact that at any given time all the constituency groups seem upset at me – well, a campaign consultant would say that’s a bad electoral strategy.”

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