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Additional $660 million may be available for California schools

Craig Clough | May 19, 2015

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California Gov. Jerry Brown reveals his revised budget

Gov. Jerry Brown reveals his revised budget

Gov. Jerry Brown‘s revised May budget has already received plenty of praise from school districts for showering California’s public education institutions with billions in additional funds.

But the state’s Legislative Analyst’s Office (LAO) yesterday delivered additional sunny news estimating that revenues would be $3.2 billion more than Brown’s budget predicts.

“Overall, we think the administration’s current estimates of 2014 taxable income are too low,” the LAO’s analysis report said. The office provides non-partisan budget advice and guidance to the state government.

From the additional funds, at least $660 million would be automatically guided toward public schools and community colleges, according to the Los Angeles Times. Due to LA Unified’s size as the state’s largest school district, it is expected to receive roughly 10-to-11 percent of the additional revenue, totaling around $72 million, which would be on top of the additional $638 million the revised budget is already setting aside for the district.

From the $3.2 billion, another $1.5 billion would be set aside for debt payments and a deposit in the state’s rainy-day fund, and $1.1 billion would be freed up to be spent however Brown and state Legislature like, according to the Times.

Some lawmakers are expected to want part or all of the additional $1.1 billion to go toward education programs.

“There is still a huge need for child care, for early care and education, for other aspects of our social safety net,” Senate Budget Committee Chairman Mark Leno (D-San Francisco) told the Times.

Brown released his revised state budget last week that directed an additional $6.1 billion toward K-through-12 education, which was the result of higher than expected revenues that have come into the state since he revealed his proposed budget in January.

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