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An LASR Poll: Tell us what months kids should be in school

LA School Report | October 2, 2015

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OPINION.POLL_LA Unified is gathering public input on six different academic calendars it is considering for the years ahead. However, there have been technical glitches with its phone survey, and it isn’t clear when or if it will be completed.

The stories here at LA School Report about the calendar options have attracted a high level of interest from readers, perhaps because one option is somewhat radical and would limit summer break to four weeks and increase winter break to seven weeks.

With it being such a hot topic, we thought we would ask our readers directly: What months do you think kids should be in school? Take our poll and tell us.

Below are the options being considered. Each includes a one-week Thanksgiving break and a one-week spring break in April. Check back with us next week and we will announce the results.

[polldaddy poll=9107541]





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