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An LAT Story on iPads That’s Neither Surprising nor New

LA School Report | December 2, 2013

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The LA Times has another iPad story today, pointing to surveys by the administrators and teachers unions that found the entirely-not-surprising results that some people like the iPads, some people don’t.

What is surprising is what the story doesn’t say, such as when the surveys were conducted. LA School Report published reports on the administrators survey on November 1 (LA Unified Principals Review the iPad Rollout: Not so Bad) and the union survey on November 7 (Teacher Union Survey Shows Mixed Support for iPads). The LAT story also fails to mention how few people participated in each survey — 24 principals and assistants in one and 225 teachers in the other.

The LA Unified school board has already taken the survey results into account in slowing down the distribution and looking at laptops, rather than iPads, for high school students. That happened at a board meeting on November 12.

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