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Contribution Roundup: Who’s Giving to Whom?

Hillel Aron | January 23, 2013

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We listed notable contributions to the Garcia campaign yesterday and updated contribution reports are due tomorrow, but while we’re waiting let’s take a look at the contributions to candidates from earlier this month:

•District 6 School Board member Steve Zimmer has raised $27,688 from notable donors including former State Assemblymember Betsy Butler (who lost her bid for re-election to Santa Monica Mayor Richard Bloom in part because she enraged school reformers by abstaining from voting on a bill that would have made it easier to fire teachers suspected of harming children), a $100 donation from Cerrell Associates, a lobbying firm; West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tempore Abbe Land ($150); West Hollywood Mayor Jeff Prang ($100); UTLA head lawyer Jesus Quinonez ($500); Dixon Slingerland, Executive Director of the Charter group YPI ($1,000). See full list here.

•Kate Anderson, running to unseat Zimmer in the Westside’s District 4, has raised more money than any other challenger — $113,050 — bolstered by $25,000 of her own money (technically a loan) and contributions from a number of charter school operators, advocates and “school reform” philanthropists. Anderson’s biggest windfall came from 35 members of the law firm she used to work at, Munger, Tolles & Olson.  See full list of donations here.

For more notable contributors, click below.

•Antonio Sanchez, who’s running to replace Nury Martinez in the East Valley’s District 6, has raised $16,000. His direct contributors include three $1,000 checks from the Chernin family; $1,000 from Cindy Montanez, who’s running against Nury Martinez for City Council, and who’s also the cousin of Annamarie Montanez, who’s running for School Board in District 2; and $250 from The Political Machine, the name of lobbyist Steve Afriat’s business (see: Campaign Consultant Steve Afriat: Playing Both Sides of the WeHo Fence). See full list here.

 • In East LA’s District 2, Annamare Montanez has raised only $8,800 — $5,000 of which comes from her own pocket (a loan). Only five other people have donated to her campaign, and three of them have the last name Montanez (see list here).

• Montanez’s District 2 opponent, Robert Skeels, is second only to incumbent Monica Garcia in fundraising, although he lags far behind, with $14,031 raised (including $6,025 of his own money). But unlike his opponents, Skeels’ haul comes almost entirely from small donations of $5 to $100 and the majority of the donors are schoolteachers (see list here).

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