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Reformers Split From Labor – Again

Alexander Russo | November 1, 2012

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Former Democratic state legislator Gloria Romero isn’t the only education reformer who’s taken a position that’s being described as anti-labor. (See: Proposition 32 Divides California’s Education Reformers Huffington Post.) 

Sacramento-based StudentsFirst (headed by Michelle Rhee) has given $500,000 to oppose Proposal 2, a Michigan state constitutional amendment codifying collective bargaining rights that has been backed by labor groups, according to Michigan Live. (StudentsFirst PAC donates $500,000 to campaign against union-backed Proposal 2.)

These kinds of splits between Democrat-affiliated education reform groups, elected officials, and teachers unions are still relatively few, but can no longer be considered rare.  Other examples include Mayor Villaraigosa’s support for the parent trigger and President Obama’s refusal to support the striking teachers in Chicago.

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