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Appeals in Vergara case due before judges at end of March

LA School Report | March 16, 2015

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Student plaintiff Elizabeth Vergara at a press conference

Student plaintiff Elizabeth Vergara at a press conference

The Vergara case is moving back into public view with appeal briefs from the defendants, who lost, due before a three-judge panel on March 30.

Once the papers from the state and the two teachers unions, California Federation of Teachers and California Teachers Association, have been filed, lawyers for the plaintiffs have 40 days to respond.

The case will go before three judges chosen from a pool of four: Presiding Justice Roger W. Boren, Judith Ashmann-Gerst, Victoria Chavez and Brian Hofstadt. Boren was appointed by Gov. George Deukmejian, Ashmann-Gerst by Gray Davis, Chavez by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Hofstadt by Jerry Brown.

At issue is whether trial judge Rolf Treu ruled properly last year in deciding that California laws governing teacher dismissal, seniority and tenure were unconstitutional in denying some students a quality public education.

The laws remain in place, pending the completion of appeals.

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