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Aquino’s Resignation Explanation

LA School Report | September 16, 2013

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Jaime Aquino

Jaime Aquino

In the note Jaime Aquino circulated last week, he blames his decision to resign on a “political climate” that blocks his ability to lead in a way he views as effective.

He names no names, but he was clearly not happy with a decision to postpone implementation of Common Core, one of his prime directives.

Here’s the note he sent around:


Dear Colleagues,

Three years ago, Dr. Deasy convinced me to join his team in implementing an ambitious agenda to ensure that all schools in the City of Los Angeles were places of academic excellence.  I believe that under his leadership this vision is closer to becoming a reality.  As much as I would want to continue on this journey, I feel the current political climate does not allow me to lead an agenda that is in the best interest of kids.

I want to thank you for embracing me into the LAUSD family and allowing me to be part of a collective effort that has made miracles happen for thousands of kids in the city of Los Angeles.

Our working lives are, I think, a bit like a train journey.  You get on at one station, and, you may get off or on again at a dozen others.  You will see, at every station you pass, others going on their own journeys of life. Some of them enter your carriage and share part of your journey and some of them pass it by.

I have been in the same carriage with you almost three years now.  Like the strangers who chat in the train, I have learned some of your stories. I have come to know your passion and commitment to our kids.

I have always thought it a very good idea to be open to new suggestions and new ideas.  You have given me both.  I hope that I, in my turn, have been able to share some of mine with you.  I cannot say how successful I was, of course, but I would like to think that sometime in the future someone would say, “He taught me something” or “Our schools will be better because of his contributions.”

Thank you for the opportunity to serve all of you and the children of Los Angeles. Please be assured that in the next three months I will work tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition.

My train will be leaving at the end of this calendar year, but perhaps it is a circular route and someday I will come back this way again.  In the meantime, I urge you to continue working tirelessly to ensure that all students are afforded the opportunity to live the American dream.


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