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Commentary: Implications of a Bloom Win

Alexander Russo | November 30, 2012

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Santa Monica Mayor Richard Bloom seems like he’s on the verge of having won his race against Assembly member Betsy Butler. (See: KPCCLA ObservedLA Weekly).

Bloom (left) and Butler (right) via LA Weekly

If this happens, Bloom will have won despite being outspent by a wide margin, lacking key Democratic endorsements, and even having the state Democratic party circulate flyers against him.  And his victory will be due in some part to Butler’s abstention on a key bill that would have made it easier to dismiss teachers accused of being sexual predators. (Bloom is quoted in the LA Weekly say that the sexual predator issue was a major factor in his race.)

The the implications are pretty clear: candidates for the three School Board seats being contested in March will have to be sure not to be seen as “soft” on the speedy removal of sexual predators from classrooms. Fundraising, endorsements, and negative advertising might not be enough. This seems especially true after yesterday’s state report on LAUSD’s handling of teachers who have been accused of abusing students.

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