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Board Agenda Highlights

Samantha Oltman | December 7, 2012

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Some of the most interesting items scheduled to be discussed and/or voted on at Tuesday’s monthly Board meeting are expedited removal of teachers accused of misconduct, the use of student achievement to evaluate teachers, and Board approval for large grant applications.

Read below for more highlights.

Board Members Richard Vladovic, Marguerite LaMotte, and Bennett Kayser will present a resolution that requires the district to seek the board’s approval for any future grant applications over $750,000.

Also up for vote at the Tuesday, December 11 LAUSD Board meeting is Board Members Monica Garcia and Tamar Galatzan’s call to state legislators to change “the lengthy, expensive [teacher] dismissal process required by state law,” which is a response to the legislature’s failure to pass SB 1530.

Steve Zimmer’s proposal to limit the use of test scores in teacher review will also be up for action at the board meeting. This resolution has been postponed several times since Zimmer introduced it back in June.

Two resolutions meant to improve student health will also be up for vote at Tuesday’s meeting: Zimmer and Garcia are backing a resolution that would improve school meals’ nutrition and would require LAUSD students get at least 20 minutes to eat lunch. The other resolution, to be introduced by Vladovic, LaMotte, and Kayser, urges LAUSD to advocate for more school-based health centers.

Last but not least, Bennett Kayser’s controversial proposal that would ban board members who have received campaign donations from charters from voting on anything related to charter schools will be postponed another month.

Link to Board agenda here.

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