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Board Members Ask Deasy To Explain Himself

Hillel Aron | June 21, 2013

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John Deasy, left, Bennett Kayser, right, at a Jerry Brown-led press conference in May

John Deasy, left, Bennett Kayser, right, at a press conference in May

Some members of the School Board have sent Superintendent John Deasy a letter asking him to clarify comments deriding a Board-passed spending resolution and indicating his plans to include a targeted funding resolution that was not passed by the Board.

“They can’t stop me from doing it,” Deasy said in comments made to LA School Report earlier this week.

Sarah Bradshaw, the chief of staff to Board member Bennett Kayser, told LA School Report she was “surprised” to read the comments, which she called “distressing.”

Kayser and Deasy are on opposite sides of nearly every issue, and animosity has existed between Deasy and Kayser’s staff for some time.

“We asked for confirmation on whether he stands by the quotation,” said Bradshaw, who declined to share the actual letter itself. “This was never meant to be more than just a letter to the Superintendent. There’s not a desire to make this into more than it is. We just want to find out how much of that he really means.”

Deasy declined to comment on the letter or his response.

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