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Brown Urged to Veto Weakened Teacher Dismissal Bill*

LA School Report | September 24, 2013

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Mark Berndt, teacher accused of abusing children

Mark Berndt, teacher accused of abusing children

Opposition to a teacher dismissal bill that was weakened through compromises in the California legislature is gathering steam as it awaits the signature of Gov. Jerry Brown.

Today Gloria Romero, former state senator and head of California Democrats for Education Reform (DFER), is urging Brown to veto the bill. In an article published in the Orange County Register she argues that the bill, AB 375, “makes it harder for districts to protect children.” (read article here).

Last week, The California School Board Association issued an ‘action alert’ urging members to write Brown to veto the bill, saying it’s a “good bill for bad teachers”.

Meanwhile on the grassroots side, a parent activist in San Diego posted a petition asking Brown to “protect schoolchildren from predators,” joining grassroots group Edvoice which last week called the bill  “unsafe for children.”

Larry Sand, president of the non-profit California Teachers Empowerment Network, cites even more opposition to the bill in a commentary here.

*Adds reference to Larry Sand commentary.



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