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Calls are coming to ask about a new school calendar for LA Unified

Mike Szymanski | September 25, 2015

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CortinesSkepticalIf you’re an employee at LAUSD or have a child going to a school in the district, expect a call this weekend to ask about what your preference is for a new school calendar.

Last evening, Superintendent Ramon Cortines sent out a recorded robo-call that notified teachers and parents that the district will be making three attempts over the next four days to get input into the school calendar year. A district advisory committee is reviewing six different plans, including one that could result in only five weeks for summer break and seven weeks for winter break.

“Good evening,” said the robo-call with Cortines introducing himself. “The school district is planning the instructional calendar for the next three years.”

The phone survey promises only five questions. According to Ellen T. Morgan, a district spokeswoman, the questions concern the following topics:

  • Start of the school year
  • Length of the winter break
  • Importance on having elementary and secondary schools on the same calendar
  • Finishing the first semester before the winter break
  • Accommodation of enrichment and intervention programs

The calls will be made today through Tuesday, Sept. 29 and three attempts will be made. If someone answers the first time, the phone number will not be called again.


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