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As write-in candidate, ‘Marilyn V’ says she would ‘not be bullied’

Yana Gracile | May 16, 2014

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Marilyn Veincentotzs Joins district 1 school board race

Marilyn Veincentotzs

Seventh in a series of profiles of candidates for LA Unified’s open District 1 board seat.

With less than a month to go before the LA Unified special election to fill the vacant District 1 seat, write-in candidate Marilyn Veincentotzs is taking a tough stand against the status quo that she says isn’t working in LA Unified.

Specifically, she blames Superintendent John Deasy for facilitating for what she says is an antagonistic atmosphere of intimidation and fear that runs rampant across the district.

“I believe I am the only candidate strong enough to stand up to a bully like Deasy,” said Veincentotzs, who is running under the name “Marilyn V” and is the only write-in challenging seven other candidates. “I don’t agree with his management style. It pits people against each other.”

Veincentotzs, 65, has worked in LA Unified and Compton Unified school districts as a substitute teacher and as a school counselor. Because she’s also helped students in juvenile hall, she says she has a unique understanding of why students misbehave, and it all starts with a lack of leadership at school and at home.

She said she holds Deasy responsible for student bullying and misbehaving, that his unfair tactics and policies send the wrong message to vulnerable children telling them that it’s acceptable to misbehave.

She characterizes “teacher jail,” where instructors and school staff accused of classroom misconduct are required to wait to face the charges against them, as a prime example of bullying.

“I will not be compromised or bullied,” she said.

While she trails the other seven candidates in name recognition, endorsements and political support, Veincentotzs said she her strongest weapon is the freedom and independence to stay true to her core values without having to answer to anyone.

She said that she will do “what stakeholders want and not what politicians want.”

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