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Coalition, SEIU, County Fed Spend on Candidates

Samantha Oltman | February 6, 2013

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With the March 5 election day now less than a month away, the Coalition for School Reform, the LA County Federation of Labor, and the Local 99 branch of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) have each kicked their LAUSD School Board spending up a notch, but UTLA-PACE — a major player in past elections — still hasn’t reported spending anything significant. Also worth noting is that none of the outside campaigns have reported any spending on negative advertising, either, though that is almost certain to come.

As of February 5:

The Coalition spent $73,000 each on consulting services for Monica Garcia, Kate Anderson, and Antonio Sanchez, adding up to $219,000. This raises the amount the Coalition has spent so far in the election to $329,000.

The LA County Federation of Labor spent almost $19,000 each on consulting services for Monica Garcia and Antonio Sanchez, totaling $38,000. The County Fed spent an additional $30,000 for scripted telephone calls supporting Steve Zimmer. (To read the script, click here.) So far, the County Fed has spent $118,000 on its three endorsed candidates.

SEIU Local 99 spent a $1,000 each on phone banking for Garcia, Zimmer, and Sanchez. This increases its election spending to $167,000.

In response to a LA School Report story on Friday, UTLA recently declared that it was following campaign disclosure laws. Yesterday, UTLA secondary Vice President Gregg Solkovits told LA School Report that defeating School Board President Monica Garcia was a top priority.  But the group has yet to declare any substantial campaign spending.

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