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Commentary: Brown should bend on school bonds

LA School Report | January 19, 2015

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Via The Los Angeles Times | By George Skelton

Since when did the state government chipping in to help build classrooms for kids become a bad thing? Since Jerry Brown returned as governor, that’s when.

Correct that: It’s not a bad thing for most people in the state Capitol — only the contrarian governor.  Brown just doesn’t like selling bonds — borrowing — and acquiring debt. And you can’t entirely fault him. That’s generally a wise policy in the abstract.

The governor’s proposed $113-billion general fund budget already spends $6 billion paying off various infrastructure bonds, including $2.4 billion for school construction. Since 2000, California voters have approved $103 billion in general obligation borrowing.

Brown, of course, has a credibility problem in opposing more bond debt. And you know what’s coming here.  lRelated Brown offers $164.7-billion budget plan POLITICS Brown offers $164.7-billion budget plan SEE ALL RELATED 8  “It really boils down to priorities,” says Dave Cogdill, president of the California Building Industry Assn., part of a coalition sponsoring a ballot initiative that would authorize a $9-billion school construction bond. “The people have their priorities and the governor has his. And in this case, they don’t match up.”

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