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Commentary: How to keep tenure, but make it meaningful

LA School Report | February 17, 2015

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Via Educators 4 Excellence

As California school districts, education leaders and court systems debate the future of teacher tenure, Educators 4 Excellence-Los Angeles (E4E) members has issued a series of recommendations to preserve the job protections but make tenure designations far more meaningful.

A team of nine Los Angeles teachers spent four months researching tenure regulations, surveying the perspectives and experiences of teachers, parents, students, and administrators, and writing their recommendations.

Overwhelmingly, teachers view tenure as a benefit important to attracting and retaining talent but agree that current tenure systems do little to encourage excellence or elevate their profession. Tenure, known as “permanent status” in California, puts incredible pressure on school sites to make high-stakes decisions about teachers’ careers after just two years in the classroom. In California, teachers receive “permanent status” on the first day of their third year in the classroom.

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