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Commentary: LA Unified didn’t do its homework on ethnic studies

LA School Report | December 12, 2014

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Via The Los Angeles Times | By the Editorial Board

Ideally, high school history courses would not be so overwhelmingly focused on the accomplishments of white males and would pay more attention to the roles played by others. There has been progress in that direction — in fact, the College Board has come under withering criticism from conservatives for revamping the Advanced Placement course in U.S. history to be more inclusive — but the overall emphasis has remained the same.

That’s one reason it can be helpful for both universities and public schools to offer ethnic studies courses. The current movement to require such courses, rather than simply to offer them, should be undertaken carefully, however. It’s a complicated issue: How do students make space in their schedules for an additional requirement? Will something else get taken out of the curriculum to make way for it? What exactly will be taught in these courses?

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