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Commentary: LAUSD debate no-shows are a disservice to voters

LA School Report | February 2, 2015

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By The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board

It’s not a big deal for a local political candidate to skip a debate or two during a campaign. But the last-minute disintegration of a planned three-man debate last Wednesday was another matter.

Bennett Kayser, campaigning to retain his seat on the Los Angeles Unified school board, pulled out of that United Way-sponsored debate just a day before it was to occur, as well as another scheduled for Feb. 10. Scheduling conflicts, he explained.

Now, it’s true that Kayser had not actually committed to the Wednesday debate. United Way says he had given a tentative yes to that one, and a definite yes to the later one. Both sides agree that United Way emailed him many times without response before discovering that he wouldn’t be attending.

It’s impossible not to note the fact that Kayser is easily the board member most closely allied with United Teachers Los Angeles. And the United Way of Greater Los Angeles has strongly aligned itself with the school reform movement.

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