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Company makes bulletproof backpacks, iPad cases for kids

LA School Report | June 16, 2015

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By Sam Stein & Jason Cherkis

The aftermath of school shootings is now all too familiar. The shock of the breaking news, the scenes of school evacuations, the ensuing political debate and the inevitable inaction. And for Ed Burke, the wave of new customers.

As CEO of the Massachusetts-based company Bullet Blocker, Burke sells one of the hotter goods in the body armor industry: bulletproof backpacks. And though he doesn’t revel in the fact that business tends to boom after school shootings, he sees his company as providing a service for increasingly nervous parents.

“Business is growing unfortunately due to all the things happening in the country,” Burke said.

The regularity of school shootings in America has set off a multi-directional reaction. Politicians have sought to respond with legislation. In some states, reforms have succeeded in passing. Federally, they have not, much to the chagrin of gun-control advocates.

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