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Compare: LAUSD teacher salary competitive with other CA cities

LA School Report | September 15, 2014

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Teacher salary LAUSDThe Los Angeles Unified school district offers competitive teacher salaries compared to other large districts in the state of California. That’s according to the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ), a nonprofit which complies data from across the country.

Despite a recent press report indicating LAUSD was below the average, it turns out on many measures, when compared with other urban districts in California, the district appears competitive.

Of course, how to measure (average salaries versus starting salaries) or which districts to include (size versus region) can change the numbers. But here are a few of the findings using the pool surveyed by NCTQ. Click here for a full comparison.

What is the annual salary for a fully certified first year teacher with a bachelor’s degree?


What is the annual salary for a teacher with a master’s degree on the highest step of the salary schedule?
Teacher Pay highest stepQUESTION:
What is the maximum portion of the employee’s health insurance premium paid by the employer?
Teachers fringe benefits



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