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Cortines Suit Raises Board Questions

Hillel Aron | August 2, 2012

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Cortines (via Laist)

A shocking (and graphic) Courthouse News Service story from last week details many of the allegations made by Scot Graham against former LAUSD superintendent Ramon Cortines, including, perhaps most damning to the district, that his claims were never investigated “due to the district’s “culture of sexual abuse, stealth and secrecy.” Graham also claims that Cortines “had targeted other LAUSD employees for refusing to submit to his sexual advances, and had a reputation of being persistent and abusing his authority.”

The CNS story includes a number of salacious details, but the alleged cover-up might be the most surprising part:

[Graham] says he reported the incidents to his supervisors and to the district’s general counsel, David Holmquist, but no action was taken.
Holmquist, a nonparty, told him to “‘forget’ about the incident with Cortines,” Graham says.
“What is the point of ruining a man’s career … what are you going to accomplish by complaining?” Holmquist allegedly asked.

Scott Johnson at the Mayor Sam blog asks, “What did LAUSD School Board President Monica Garcia know about Cortines alleged behavior and when?”

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