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Daily News Addresses Ratliff Union Role

Alexander Russo | May 2, 2013

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District 6 candidate Monica Ratliff (via campaign page)

There hasn’t been much mention at all in the mainstream media of District 6 candidate Monica Ratliff‘s role as both the union representative for her school and (more recently) a member of the United Teachers of Los Angeles House of Representatives.

For example, the LA TImes‘ recent re-endorsement of Ratliff doesn’t make mention of it.

But earlier this week, the LA Daily News editorial page came out with a strong endorsement of Ratliff that addressed the issue head-on, arguing that Ratliff’s position as a union representative and chapter chair doesn’t make her a union operative and that her endorsements show she’s not a “union hack.”

In coming days, LA School Report will be publishing information about what a union representative does and how Ratliff performed that role at San Pedro Elementary.  We’ll also be delving into her opponent’s background working for Mayor Villaraigosa and on state ballot initiatives.

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