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Deasy: Audit-Dodging Charter Faces Consequences

Hillel Aron | April 24, 2013

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Last week, we reported that the charter school called Academia Semillas had not complied with an audit by LAUSD’s Office of the Inspector General, despite only barely being renewed last year.

Yesterday, Superintendent John Deasy responded directly to the school: “If you can’t comply with this, then I can’t recommend that school’s renewal,” said Deasy. “It looks like we’re heading in that direction.” Deasy said he didn’t know of any other examples of a school flouting district regulations like Semillas has done.

“It always troubles me when a school is not consistent with our expectations and transparencies,” said Deasy, referring to Semillas. Deasy also said that he’s asked LAUSD attorneys about “other steps,” including the possibility of revoking Semillas’ charter.

“I have to see if this falls into that category,” said Deasy.

Deasy and his team at LAUSD didn’t recommend the renewal of Semillas’ elementary school last year, but they were overruled when the School Board voted, 4 to 3, to give the school another five years.

We reached out to all seven Board members for a comment about the school’s refusal to comply with the audit. Three declined to speak about the topic; the other four didn’t get back to us.

In the meantime, Semillas’ middle school comes up for renewal in June. Deasy’s office will make a recommendation, but the School Board has the final say.

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