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Deasy: Raises & Deficit Reduction Before New Hires

Hillel Aron | June 3, 2013

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Deasy penIn a memo sent out to district senior leadership and posted on the LAUSD website, Superintendent John Deasy laid out his vision for the next three years.

Looking it over, it doesn’t take long to realize that Deasy’s priorities aren’t in line with those of some of his Board members.

A resolution by Board members Bennett Kayser, Steve Zimmer and Dr. Richard Vladovic, to be introduced at tomorrow’s Board meeting calls for new hires and reducing class sizes.

However, Deasy’s three priorities for spending future revenue include: raises, deficit reduction and what he calls “student support and safety nets.”

“Given the successful passage of Prop 30, we have a window in front of us where we will have actual new revenues for the next five to seven years,” he writes. “I would propose that before we invest in any single program or reinstatement of a previously cut or trimmed program, we should first recognize our employees for their hard work and amazing success in the most punishing of circumstances.”

The Superintendent would like restore some programs — namely, programs to support students, like “academic and college counseling,” summer school, and “psychological and social supports.”

The Kayser/Zimmer/Vladovic resolution only needs one more vote, which will presumably be cast by Maurgerite LaMotte, which means that proposal is likely to pass.

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