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Morning Read: Dept of Justice looks at services for ESL learners

LA School Report | May 19, 2014

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Justice Dept. investigating California’s services for English learner students
The U.S. Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division is looking into whether California is adequately overseeing the education of 1.4 million students in the state who are still learning English, according to court records. The investigation began after civil rights lawyers filed a lawsuit in April 2013 alleging California was failing to provide specialized instruction for 20,000 students whose first language wasn’t English. KPCC

Tech giants lobby for elevation of code study
It is a digital world – every facet of daily life is connected in some way by devices, apps and programs. Yet in 30 states, computer science courses can’t count as a math or science credit toward high school graduation requirements. That’s likely to change this year, however, as a bill that would allow computer science classes to count as a required math or science credit has moved from the Assembly to the Senate with bipartisan support. S&I Cabinet Report

East Side Union listens, rethinks, revises draft accountability plan
By shifting money to pay for more academic counselors and librarians next year at the lowest-performing schools, administrators of East Side Union High School District in San Jose have revised the district’s draft three-year Local Control and Accountability Plan, incorporating key recommendations of parents and teachers. EdSource

L.A. public school workers march to raise minimum wage
Hundreds of education workers rallied in Lafayette Park on a balmy Saturday, calling on the L.A. public school district to increase the mimium wage to $15 an hour and improve school services for students. Nearly 55 percent of the union’s members earn less than $15 an hour, placing many of them and their families at or below the poverty line. Neon Tommy

Contest for California schools chief heats up
Commentary: California voters haven’t booted out a state schools chief in 32 years. They’re not likely to this year, either. But don’t bet the kids’ college money on it. This is a weird election, especially the June 3 primary. There’s nothing really compelling on the ballot. And turnout is bound to be very low. LA Times

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