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Donna Muncey, a long-time Deasy aide, taking post with Boston schools

LA School Report | March 16, 2015

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LAUSDLogoDonna Muncey, an aide to John Deasy in three different school districts, is leaving LA Unified to work under Tommy Chang, who served as a regional superintendent in LA Unified until his recent appointment as Superintendent of Boston Public Schools.

Muncey was Chief of Intensive Support and Intervention under Deasy before his successor, Ramon Cortines, moved her into a new position as chief of staff for Ruth Perez, his newly-appointed Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction and School Support Ruth.

It was not a position Muncey had sought but she worked to help Perez into the job after she was hired last August.

Muncie had previously worked under Deasy in the Santa Monica and Prince Georges County, Maryland school systems.

Cortines told the school board of Muncey’s move to Boston is a one paragraph memo today.

It said, “Dr. Donna Muncey will be leaving the District in two weeks to take a position with the Boston Public Schools System alongside the newly appointed Superintendent, Dr. Tommy Chang. We would like to thank Dr. Muncey for all her contributions to the District.”

Cortines said nothing about who, if anyone, would fill the vacancy left by Muncey’s departure,

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