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People: Interview with United Way Education Director

Alexander Russo | June 24, 2013

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Ryan1 (2)-thumb-150x150-5117Here’s the Education Week interview with United Way’s Ryan Smith (pictured) we mentioned last week.

As you’ll see, the piece starts off with a few sentences about LAUSD’s challenges (high dropout rates, low scores compared to other big city school systems) and then moves on to Smith’s background (he’s a Native Angeleno) and views (very much in favor of parent organizing).   Some highlights from United Way’s director of education programs and policy:

“I predict L.A’s story of educational change will be a grassroots, bottom-up story of educational change, not the other way around.”

The education reform movement today has a critical weakness because it hasn’t engaged people of color and people who’ve lived in poverty as advocates for educational change.”

You can read the whole thing here: Young Education Leader: Ryan Smith

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