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Election 2013: Independent Expenditure Rules

Samantha Oltman | January 8, 2013

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The Los Angeles City Ethics Commission has a handy, one-page document that gives an overview of the rules covering independent expenditures (IE) made to support or oppose LAUSD Board candidates.

The rules are straightforward, at least in theory. But as LA School Report has shown in previous reporting, finding out exactly who’s giving to IEs can be tricky if the IE is headed by a union that collects member dues.

Read below for some key highlights of what’s required, or read the full document campaign finance laws here.

Key Provisions:

IE committees can’t work with candidates, and they must explicitly state that they don’t coordinate with candidates’ campaigns.

If  IEs receive contributions of $50,000 or more, they must disclose on communications who their two biggest contributors are.

Anytime a committee makes an independent expenditure, they must tell the Ethics Commission with 24 hours.

IEs must disclose to the Ethics Commission the names and contact information of any donors who give $100 or more.

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