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Chicago Critics Call For an Elected School Board

Alexander Russo | October 12, 2012

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has pretty much everything that Los Angeles Mayor Anthony Villaraigosa could ever have wanted when it comes to control over his school district.  By state law, the former Obama chief of staff appoints the school board and the superintendent. He and his City Hall deputies effectively set policy and budget priorities.

But the past 18 months since Emanuel came into office have been full of turmoil and confusion for parents and teachers, including a recent seven-day strike by teachers and — just last night — the forced resignation of Superintendent Jean-Claude Brizard. See the Chicago Sun Times here, and the Huffington Post here.

And, in response to all the mistakes and ill will that have accumulated, Emanuel critics and the Chicago Teachers Union are calling for — you guessed it: an independent, elected school board like the one LAUSD currently has.

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