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Fletcher challengers for UTLA top job campaigning online

Chase Niesner | January 29, 2014

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Candidates in a crowded field to take the top spot at one of the nation’s most powerful teachers union, UTLA, are angling to distinguish themselves online.

An online search finds that four of the 10 running, Gregg Solkovits, Alex Caputo-Pearl, Saul Lankster and Bill Gafney, have established a website presence, announcing their candidacies and platforms.

UTLA allows candidates to publicly display endorsements and collect campaign donations directly from its membership, which includes 33,000 teachers and other school staff.

Absent from the list is current UTLA President Warren Fletcher, who has a Facebook page from the last UTLA election cycle and an empty Blogspot with a banner, “Elect Warren Fletcher for UTLA President,” but no posts. Other candidates have various personal websites and blogs that do not include information about the election.

Thomas Starr King Middle School is hosting a UTLA candidate forum at 4 pm tomorrow. Solkovits, Caputo-Pearl, Gafney, Lankster, Gafney, Kevin Mottus, Marcos Orterga II and Fletcher have committed to participate.

Election ballots are scheduled be mailed to UTLA members on February 25 but won’t be tabulated until late March.

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