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Unions Send Letter of Concern over Deasy Comments

Hillel Aron | July 10, 2013

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170460.ME.0209.Miramonte.IKThe unions that represent LAUSD teachers and administrators have sent the School Board a letter raising “a concern” over controversial comments Superintendent John Deasy made to LA School Report in June. 

Last month, following a decision by the Board to postpone voting on a motion by Tamar Galatzan to allow schools greater autonomy over how to spend new revenue expected from Governor Jerry Brown’s new funding formula, Deasy told LA School Report that he intended to incorporate Galatzan’s motion into his own spending plan despite the lack of any decision by the Board.

Immediately following the publication of Deasy’s remarks, the three sponsors of that resolution — Board members Bennett Kayser, Steve Zimmer and Richard Vladovic — sent Deasy a letter asking for an explanation.

It’s unclear exactly how Deasy responded to the Board member letter. A source said that the Superintendent claimed his comments were taken out of context. He did not comment publicly.

Sent to the seven School Board members (and released to LA School Report), the unions’ letter states:  “To date, we have not been able to locate any report that Mr. Deasy has disavowed these public statements.”

“We feel that it’s important that everyone act under the assumption that it is the Board of Education that has authority for governance in the district,” United Teachers of Los Angeles  President Warren Fletcher told LA School Report, “[and] that everyone understand that the Superintendent has an important role, but doesn’t have independent powers.”

Last week an LA Times editorial cautioned fans and critics of Superintendent Deasy to “Take deep breaths” and “Play nice.”

Deasy declined to comment on the letter.

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