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Update: January Contribution Reports, Part 2

Hillel Aron | January 25, 2013

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A day later, the rest of those campaign contribution reports are in covering the first 19 days of the new year.  You’ll see some interesting ups and downs, but as we’ve told you before the big money is going to be coming in through independent expenditure (IE) committees, which are reported separately.

In the Eastside’s District 2, challenger Annamarie Montanez has raised no money this year (see report here). This is something of a surprise, as Montanez was expected to be one of Board President Monica Garcia’s strongest challengers. As for the other District 2 challengers not included in yesterday’s roundup, Isabel Zazquez raised $699 (see report here) and Abelardo Diaz raised $50 (see report here).

In the Westside’s District 4, Kate Anderson continues to show she’s a strong fundraiser, bringing in $16,550 over the two-week period. So far, she’s raised a total of $129,600, although she’s spent nearly all of it, and has only $18,183 left in the bank (see report here).

In the East Valley’s District 6, Antonio Sanchez raised $2,075, bringing his total to $18,075. The campaign has $16,145 in the bank, but owes more than $28,000 (see his latest report here). Maria Cano, also running in District 6, raised $359 (see report here).

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