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Galatzan Resolution Addresses Contradictory Goals

Hillel Aron | June 7, 2013

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Tamar / KLCS

Board Member Galatzan via KLCS

Should Governor Jerry Brown’s Local Control Funding Formula go into effect more or less intact, districts like LAUSD will get a substantial increase in funding — but the district will also face a number of choices on how to distribute the new money.

School Board member Tamar Galatzan has proposal that — as a new story in EdSource points out — would do two seemingly contradictory things:

It would make sure the extra money the Brown formula allocates for districts with lots of English Language Learners, students from low-income families and foster kids would follow the children to the individual school sites.

It would also set a minimum amount every school would receive.

This second part addresses the needs of parents in her San Fernando Valley District, who “suspect the district may steer LCFF money away from them,” according to EdSource‘s John Fensterwald.

But setting a minimum funding level could also blunt the increased funding for schools with large numbers of high-need kids, which is the central thrust of Brown’s formula (and Superintendent Deasy’s expressed desire).

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