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Group posts video of its disruption of LAUSD school board meeting

Craig Clough | August 5, 2015

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About 50 students and activists disrupted the LA Unified school board meeting on July 30 in a protest over the district police force’s having dozens of M-16 rifles from the federal government’s controversial 1033 Program.

While LA School Report was at the meeting and covered the protest, the general public was unable to see what occurred due to the district making the rare decision not to provide live-stream coverage of the meeting as it normally does.

The group behind the protest, Fight for the Soul of the Cities, did have its cameras rolling and has posted a video of its protest inside and outside the meeting room. Although the students eventually quieted down, one of the group’s leaders says in the video they left unsatisfied and suggested more disruptions of board meetings may be coming in the future. .

“We are not going to continue to play by the rules,” said Ashley Franklin. “It’s been an entire year since we’ve been waiting for answers and we haven’t received them, so it’s not going to be business as usual from here on out for the rest of the year.”

Click on the above YouTube video to see the protest.

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