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Polling: Voters Dislike LAUSD, Like Local Schools

Alexander Russo | May 15, 2013

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There isn’t any public polling about next week’s District 6 School Board race but there are some interesting citywide poll results that tell us a little bit about how differently LA voters see LAUSD in general and their own schools in particular.

According to Raphael Sonenshein in the Jewish Journal, voters generally hold LAUSD in low esteem, compared to local schools and those in their neighborhoods.  Latino voters are generally much enthusiastic about LAUSD than whites or African-Americans.

“Only 40 percent of voters polled like the direction of the city, and 22 percent approve of the LAUSD.”

“Voters said their own local schools are in good shape (37 percent favorable), just as they thought their neighborhoods are doing well (52 percent.”

“Latinos were much more likely to give the beleaguered LAUSD positive ratings than either whites or African-Americans.”

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