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Here Come the Misleading / Attack Mailers

LA School Report | February 14, 2013

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Independent expenditure committees have already begun going negative on their candidates’ opponents — on budget cutting/layoffs (against District 2 incumbent Monica Garcia) and cutting the arts and spending too much on the Robert Kennedy Community School building (against District 4 incumbent Steve Zimmer).

Illustration via LA Weekly

The latest LA Weekly reminds us it’s likely to get much worse in the next few weeks leading up to the March 5 election day — and much of it will come in the form of mailers sent to voters’ homes.

Accuracy and fairness will not be the mailers’ strong points, notes writer Hillel Aron: “Campaign literature tends to fall somewhere between glib hyperbole and outright deceit.”  Particularly troublesome can be so-called “slate mailers,” which feature misleading endorsements.

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