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Samantha Oltman | January 23, 2013

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Wondering how to track all the money flowing into and out of the different campaigns for School Board and the independent expenditure (IE) committees that support them? It’s still not as easy to figure out as it might be — but we’re here to help.

The most up-to-date filing schedule can be found here, on the Los Angeles City Ethics Commission’s homepage. It’s important to keep in mind that the schedule and reporting requirements are different for direct campaign contributions and IE contributions.

The next disclosure date is Thursday, January 24th — tomorrow.  Read on for more about the schedules and different reporting requirements.

For IE spending, committees have to disclose spending within 24 hours of having spent anything.

For direct contributions, candidates are required to provide information on contributions and spending at regular intervals (most recently on January 10th, and again tomorrow January 24th).

What’s still missing?  Contributions made to IE committees have to be reported at the same time as IE spending disclosures, but they aren’t published online. Those have to be requested individually from the Ethics Commission — which we are doing.

*Information in this post has been updated since its publication.

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