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Poll: Education Small Factor in Mayoral Voting

Hillel Aron | May 20, 2013

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Screenshot of poll showing where education factors in voters’ decision-making.

The most recent LA Times / USC poll has candidate Eric Garcetti up 7 points over his rival Wendy Greuel in tomorrow’s Mayoral runoff.

However, the poll suggests that education is not a very big factor for voters making up their minds — despite all the policy proposals, campaign trail back-and-forth between the candidates, and school appearances of the past few weeks.

When asked by pollsters what the main reason for voting for Eric Garcetti, only 2 percent said “Better for schools/education.” The number one reason, with 15 percent: “Lesser of the two evils / don’t like Greuel.”

As for Greuel voters, 3 percent said “Views on schools / education.” The number one reason, with 13 percent: “She’s a woman / need a female mayor.”

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