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District 4 Candidate Will Appeal Disqualification*

Hillel Aron | December 19, 2012

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L to R: Dr. Wendy Walsh, Jeneen Robinson, and City Councilman Bernard Parks

Jeneen Robinson, the would-be school board candidate for the Westside’s District 4, is meeting with the elections division tomorrow to contest her non-qualification for the March ballot, according to her campaign manager, Kevin Durst.

“It’s kind of odd,” Durst told LA School Report. “We turned in 1000 names and only 360 were valid, according to the electoral office. We’re going down to go over the discrepancies.”

If Robinson fails two qualify, there will only be two candidates on the District 4 ballot:  Kate Anderson and incumbent Steve Zimmer.

Durst said that if the decision is not overturned, Robinson — who was previously endorsed by City Councilman Bernard Parks — will consider running as a write-in candidate. For now, he said, “We’re a little shell-shocked.”
*Update: Another candidate, Samuel P. Whitehead, is also challenging his disqualification. In an email to LA School Report, he wrote:”One of the candidates, Kate Anderson, turned in 845 signatures. Her signatures and petitions were validated in less than 24 hours, whereas mine & Jeneen Robinson’s took 9 full days to process.”

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