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Brown Signs 14 Education Bills

Hillel Aron | September 24, 2012

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CA Governor Jerry Brown

Last week, Governor Jerry Brown signed no less than 14 education bills, according to his website.

They included a law that re-works how principals are evaluated, and one that makes it harder to expel a student.

He also vetoed two bills.  Below the break is the full list.

SB 1070: Extends an existing technical education program at middle schools, high schools and community colleges until 2015.

SB 1292: Authorizes school districts to assess the performance of school principals and establishes provision to guide that evaluation process.

AB 1663: Requests the Regents of the University of California to set a tuition fee for the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science program.

AB 2367: Allows schools to sell produce from their school gardens as long as existing health and safety requirements are met.

AB 2279: Authorizes the State Superintendent of Public Instruction to remove a state-appointed trustee from a school district that received an emergency loan after three years, provided the district has adequate fiscal systems in place and the Superintendent determines the district’s future compliance with its fiscal plan is probable.

AB 1521: Allows English speaking pupils enrolled in a dual immersion program to take the primary language assessment.

AB 2193: by Assembly member Ricardo Lara (D-South Gate) – Long-term English learners. Creates standard definitions of “long-term English learner” and “English learners at risk of becoming long-term English learners,” to properly identify these students so they receive appropriate assistance.

SB 1108: Requires the California Department of Education to analyze the way school districts reclassify English learners and recommend to the Legislature and state board any changes necessary to improve education in California.

AB 2616: Provides school administrators with more discretion when determining if students are truant and in imposing consequences for truant students to focus truancy reduction efforts away from law enforcement and courts.

AB 1668: Expands the current definition of a “dropout recovery high school” to help better identify the schools that enroll pupils who have not been enrolled for at least 180 days.

AB 2171: Allows California Community College districts to require student applicants to disclose any prior expulsion from another community college and allows denial of admission for specified serious or violent offenses.

AB 1729: Clarifies existing law to only allow suspension or expulsion of a student only after other means of correction fail to bring about proper conduct.

AB 2537: Clarifies that possessing an imitation firearm, over-the-counter medicine or student’s prescription medicines are not “zero tolerance” offences that automatically require expulsion. Eliminates an existing $500 fine imposed on a principal who fail to notify law enforcement of certain crimes allegedly committed by students.

AB 2497: Requires the Legislative Analyst’s Office to report information measuring the effect of the California State University’s Early Start Program on mathematics and English proficiency.

Brown also vetoed two education bills:

AB 1853: Recognition of study in transitional kindergarten. A veto message can be found here.

AB 2242: Pupils: grounds for suspension and expulsion. A veto message can be found here.

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