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Jewish Journal Returns to Steve Zimmer

Alexander Russo | February 22, 2013

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In the summer of 2011, the Jewish Journal wrote a long cover profile of District 4 School Board member Steve Zimmer.

One of the most interesting focal points of the 2011 feature was Zimmer’s vote to support a revised version of Public School Choice, the process through which LAUSD attempts to rescue failing schools (in some cases by taking them outside the governance of the district and the collective bargaining agreement with UTLA. It’s a vote Zimmer says he deeply regrets.

Well, the Journal has a new article out about Zimmer and his challenger, Kate Anderson. The article covers the now-familiar story about how Zimmer was originally supported by the reform coalition and is now being supported by the union, and all about the eye-popping money coming into the race.  But there are also some interesting policy tidbits.  For example, Zimmer says he never really proposed a complete moratorium on charter school expansion, but rather a temporary reprieve.

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