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JUST IN: Brown’s revised budget has extra $6.1 billion for K-12 schools

Craig Clough | May 14, 2015

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Brown budgetGov. Jerry Brown unveiled a revised state budget this morning that directs an additional $6.1 billion toward K-through-12 education. The money is the result of higher than expected revenues that have come into the state since Brown first revealed his proposed budget in January.

The added money includes $3.1 billion for the current academic year and $2.7 billion extra for next year. The revision also sends out $241 million for the 2013-14 school year.

The overall amount could mean in excess of $638 million for LA United, the largest public school district in the state, which is expecting about 11 percent of the total.

“Everybody says teachers don’t get paid that much. This will help them get paid more,” Brown said at a press conference in Sacramento, where he unveiled the budget.

The amount of additional money comes just after LA Unified approved  a 10.4 percent raise for teachers in a deal valued at $633 million.

Some of the money is directed at specific programs, as determined at the school district level.

“The governor is proposing an additional $2.1 billion for the Local Control Funding Formula, an additional $2.4 billion in one-time discretionary spending, and increased support for career preparation pathways,” LA Unified Superintendent Ramon Cortines, said in a statement. “We applaud the governor’s recognition that decisions on how to meet the needs of our students are best made at the local level and not in Sacramento.”


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