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By the Numbers: Charter School Waitlist Exceeds 15,000

Hillel Aron | June 28, 2013

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Camino Nuevo Charter Academy in Silver Lake

Camino Nuevo Charter Academy in Silver Lake

Public charter schools may be a divisive political issue for some teachers and unions but they’re still exceedingly popular with parents.

As the Daily News points out, over 15,000 students are on the waiting list for charter schools in Los Angeles Unified.

Some other numbers from the story:

100,000 – number of LAUSD students enrolled in charter schools — the most of any district in the country

15% – percentage of LAUSD students in charters

– number of traditional district schools “slated to convert to charters this fall.”

(Nearly) 24 – new charters scheduled to open next year

30 – roughly the number of charters closed down by LAUSD in the last three years “after falling short of their goals” according to the district.

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