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LA Unified awaiting ‘a lot more money’ from revised CA budget

LA School Report | May 13, 2015

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Gov Jerry Brown LAUSD budget

Gov. Jerry Brown

With expectations of a windfall from the state when Gov. Jerry Brown announces his updated budget tomorrow, various interests in LA Unified are eager to learn if the added dollars will reach them.

It’s not likely.

Despite the possibility that the district’s cut of the added revenues could reach $300 million or more, Superintendent Ramon Cortines waved a cautionary flag at the school board meeting yesterday, reminding people that the district is still facing a $200 million deficit and there’s that big new deal with the teachers union to fund.

“The district has not operated correctly in the last several years because of enrollment declines, et. cetera,” he said, throwing cold water on any fanciful notions that other programs would receive a boost. The teachers union, for example, is pressing to rescind layoff notices recently sent to 609 members.

The governor’s office is expected to announce the new money tomorrow. The largest amount is likely to go for public education, and as California’s largest school district, LA Unified is anticipating about 11 percent of whatever amount is announced.

Predictions range from $2 billion more to spread around the state, to $3 billion.

“While we have not been given details from the administration, we have also been led to believe that it will be a lot more money than we expected,” Edgar Zazueta, the district’s chief lobbyist, told LA School Report. “I think the amounts are going to be the headlines this week.”

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