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LA Unified Getting $113 Million for Common Core Transition*

Vanessa Romo | September 3, 2013

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imgresThe state announced today that Los Angeles Unified will receive about $113 million over the next two months to implement the new Common Core academic standards.

The money represents $107 million for regular public schools and about $6 million for district charter schools. In addition, independently run charters within LAUSD will receive more than $23 million for the same purpose, but that money flows directly from the state.

The district money is being disbursed in two payments of about $53 million each over this month and next. It represents LA Unified’s share of the $1.25 billion the state has allocated to support teacher training and purchases of new technology and materials before the 2014-15 Common Core deadline.

The California Department of Education allotted the money based on a per-pupil formula of $200 per student. To view the first half of the state allocations, click here, then click on “Schedule of the First Apportionment.”

LA Unified spokesman Tom Waldman said the district has no shortage of uses for the extra funding, given LA Unified’s status as the nation’s second-largest school district after New York City’s.

“Some of the money will go to schools on a per student basis for personal development for teachers, some will pay for learning coaches for students, and some provide summer school in certain schools,” he said.

The amounts received by individual schools will be determined at the next school board meeting on September 10th.

Each school district determines how to use its own share of the state funds.

“The start of a school year is always exciting, but this year is something special,” said Tom Torlakson, the state Superintendent of Public Education said in announcing the distribution. “We’re challenging every part of our education system to remodel itself, and, step by step, give students the tools to achieve their dreams. And after years of cuts and turmoil, we’re finally able to start making the investments necessary to turn those dreams into a reality.”

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*This updated version clarifies the allocation of state money to the district.

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