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LA Unified Unearths Suspected Misconduct in Search of Old Files

LA School Report | October 7, 2013

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Via Los Angeles Daily News | By Barbara Jones Detective_pc

A review of 40 years’ worth of Los Angeles Unified personnel files that cost $400,000 over the past 20 months led to the resignations of two teachers and the recommendation that two more be fired for misconduct, according to district officials.

Two additional teachers remain under investigation for inappropriate behavior with students, officials said, and two others were cleared of wrongdoing and returned to the classroom.

Those eight cases are the result of what officials call simply “the file project” — a search through four decades of school-site records for letters, complaints or other reports of inappropriate behavior that may have been ignored or mishandled. Officials said they flagged 8,972 files for further review, but ultimately found just eight that warranted a full-fledged investigation.

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